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Exim Queue (Kuyruk) Temizleme

Merhaba Arkadaşlar,

2 şekilde exim queue(kuyruk) temizleyebilirsiniz.

1.si aşağıdaki komut ile;

<strong>exim -bp | grep ‘<’ | awk ‘{ print $3; system(”exim -Mrm “$3)}’</strong>

2.si ise;

cd /var/spool
killall -9 exim
killall -9 exim
killall -9 exim
killall -9 spamd
killall -9 spamc
mv exim exim.old
mkdir -p exim/input
mkdir -p exim/msglog
mkdir -p exim/db
chown -R mail:mail exim
/sbin/service exim restart


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